tennis rotator cuff surgery

Physiotherapy after Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery

Surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff most often involves re-attaching the tendon to the head of humerus (upper arm bone). A partial tear, however, may need only a trimming or smoothing procedure called a debridement. A complete tear is repaired by stitching the tendon back to its original site on the humerus.

Rotator Cuff repairs are always accompanied by a physiotherapy protocol. This protocol ensures the proper recovery from the procedure. Physiotherapy after a Rotator Cuff repair will help reduce pain and swelling, help regain full range of motion over time, and help the patient regain strength in their shoulder joint.  After the surgery, the shoulder will be immobilized (put in a sling) for about 7 to 10 days in order to allow the tissues heal. This is followed by light physiotherapy focussed on passive range of motions for 6 six weeks. Therapy gradually becomes more aggressive as you tissues continue to heal and your range of motion improves. Physiotherapy will focus more on strengthening and Active Range of Motion.

Our staff are very experienced in treating patients recovering for Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery. Although there is a general timeline for the recovery of this kind of surgery. We acknowledge that factors such as age, and health history make every patient is different. We assess your abilities each visit and base our treatment on your progress. Our physiotherapists take special care to ensure that you rehab is no too aggressive nor too passive. We work diligently to get our patients back to normal as efficiently as possible.

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