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FIT Physiotherapy of Newmarket offers advanced physiotherapy services for seniors, tailored to meet the unique needs of the aging population in York Region. Our experienced team of physiotherapists specializes in addressing the diverse health challenges faced by seniors, ensuring that each treatment plan is personalized for optimal effectiveness and comfort.

Our geriatric physical therapy focuses on enhancing mobility, strength, and balance, crucial for maintaining independence and quality of life in later years. Understanding the complexities of age-related conditions, FIT Physiotherapy of Newmarket employs a variety of techniques, from manual therapy to targeted exercises, to alleviate pain, improve joint function, and reduce the risk of falls. Our commitment to evidence-based practices ensures that each senior patient receives the most effective care, guided by the latest advancements in physiotherapy.

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What is Geriatric Physical Therapy?

Geriatric physical therapy is a specialized branch of physiotherapy treatments, focusing specifically on the needs and challenges of seniors. At FIT Physiotherapy in Newmarket, our skilled physiotherapists are experts in providing targeted therapies and rehab programs for the elderly. This form of therapy is dedicated to helping older adults maintain their independence, enhance their mobility, and improve overall health and well-being.

Specializing in physiotherapy for seniors involves a comprehensive approach to address various age-related conditions. Our treatments are designed to alleviate pain, improve joint flexibility, increase muscle strength, and enhance coordination and balance. These objectives are crucial in preventing falls, one of the most common risks for seniors, thereby improving their quality of life. By offering personalized care and rehab plans, our Newmarket physiotherapists ensure that each senior receives the attention and treatment they need to live a more active and fulfilling life.

Geriatric physiotherapy
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How Does Geriatric Physical Therapy Help?

Geriatric Physical Therapy at FIT Physiotherapy offers numerous benefits for seniors, structured as follows:

  1. Enhancing Mobility and Balance: Targeted exercises and therapies to improve walking, balance, and reduce the risk of falls.
  2. Managing Arthritis: Techniques to alleviate joint pain and increase flexibility, making daily activities more comfortable.
  3. Aiding in Joint Replacement Recovery: Post-operative rehabilitation focused on restoring strength and mobility after joint replacement surgeries.
  4. Post-op Rehabilitation: Comprehensive care to ensure safe and effective recovery following various surgeries.
  5. Long-term Illness Rehabilitation: Tailored programs to maintain and improve physical functioning in seniors with chronic conditions.
  6. Pain Management: Utilizing methods like manual therapy, dry needling, and acupuncture to effectively manage and reduce pain.
  7. Improving Overall Well-being: Through physical improvements and pain reduction, enhancing the overall quality of life for seniors.

Rehabilitation Physio Services For Seniors

At FIT Physiotherapy, our Rehabilitation Physio Services are comprehensive, encompassing a range of techniques including manual therapy, massage therapy, electrotherapy, and more, to provide effective pain management and rehabilitation. We believe in creating customized treatment plans that cater to the unique needs of each individual.

Our manual therapy involves skilled hand movements aimed at improving tissue extensibility, increasing range of motion, inducing relaxation, and reducing pain. Complementing this, our massage therapy services aid in muscle relaxation and improving circulation, essential for effective rehabilitation. For pain management, we incorporate advanced techniques like dry needling, shockwave therapy, and acupuncture. These methods are proven to be effective in alleviating chronic and acute pain, facilitating faster recovery.

Electrotherapy is also a component of our services, using electrical energy for medical treatment, particularly for pain relief and muscle stimulation. Exercise prescription, tailored to each patient’s specific condition and goals, forms the core of our rehabilitation process. This personalized approach ensures that each patient receives the most effective treatment, promoting quicker recovery and lasting benefits.

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Safe and Effective Physical Therapy for the Elderly

At FIT Physiotherapy, located in the heart of Newmarket, we are dedicated to providing safe and effective physiotherapy for elders. Our clinic in Newmarket, serving the entire York Region, specializes in treatments specifically designed for seniors, ensuring that the highest standards of safety and efficacy are met.

Understanding the unique physical needs of the elderly, our team of skilled physiotherapists employs gentle yet effective techniques. We focus on creating a nurturing environment where every session is tailored to suit the individual requirements of our senior patients. This personalized approach not only aids in achieving specific health goals but also ensures a comfortable and secure experience for each patient.

Our commitment to safety is paramount. We incorporate a variety of non-invasive and low-impact therapies suitable for seniors. Whether it’s managing chronic pain, recovering from an injury, or improving mobility and balance, our clinic provides comprehensive care. We believe in empowering our elderly patients, enabling them to lead active, healthy lives with improved independence and confidence.

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Great staff and service. I feel much better after the care and treatment provided. Highly recommend.

5 Star Review FIT Pysiotherapy

Felipe de SouzaGoogle Review

The staff at FIT are incredible. Very friendly, from your first phone call to the appointment, every person I spoke to was fun and respectful and lovely. Diagnosis was very thorough, and I felt like I was in good hands when I left.

5 Star Review FIT Pysiotherapy

Amanda CooperGoogle Review

Amazing staff and facility. Warm environment with genuine people who care about getting you healthy again. Highly recommended facility for your road to recovery

5 Star Review FIT Pysiotherapy

Paul HGoogle Review

Amazing people, amazing environment with results from people who care!!! I can’t say any more that hasn’t already been said. I would recommend Fit Physiotherapy to anyone looking for a physiotherapist.

5 Star Review FIT Pysiotherapy

Wayne ParsonsGoogle Review

Never had physiotherapy before so did not know what to expect. Very positive experience starting with booking of initial appointment and first session today-staff are very friendly and helped answer all my questions.

5 Star Review FIT Pysiotherapy

F CasugGoogle Review

I’ve been going to fit physiotherapy for just over a year now, the staff is very friendly, very helpful and they even make it fun to be there,I would highly recommend fit Physiotherapy to anyone who needs treatment for any injury that they have, this would be the place I personally would recommend.

5 Star Review FIT Pysiotherapy

Nettie XerriGoogle Review
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