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Do you direct bill to insurance companies?

Yes, we work with most insurance plans and provide direct billing options when available.  You can view some of the insurance companies we direct bill here.

What can physiotherapy do for me?

Physiotherapy concentrates on the rehabilitation of impairments and disabilities which are often congenital, habitual or injury related. Most people experience some form of bodily pain in their lifetimes, whether from accidents, athletic activities, pregnancy, surgeries or simply the onset of old age. Physiotherapy promotes a return to your previous levels of physical activity and overall health through a regimen of examination, diagnosis, exercises, therapies and treatments designed to improve and maintain your mobility, functional ability and overall quality of life. Physiotherapy also stresses preventative measures such as maintaining and developing healthy biomechanics (such as optimal methods for walking, balancing, expressing posture and ergonomics) which contribute greatly to your overall health now and in the future.

Are the physiotherapists at FIT physiotherapy professionally registered?

All of the physiotherapists at our clinic are registered with the College of Physiotherapist of Ontario. We are all publicly registered, meaning you can search for us on the college website to see if we are registered or not. Go to type in your Physiotherapist name.

What can I expect to happen for me at FIT Physiotherapy?

During your initial visit you will be assessed by a Physiotherapist to come up with a diagnosis for your injury. On the same visit you will be given a treatment to help with your pain or discomfort. Treatment can include a combination of manual therapy and modalities. The final component will include the initiation of a home exercise program to help you maintain the benefits from the treatment that you have received. Physiotherapy is Key to Easing Shoulder PainSays Ulster Research – click here to read more

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