Physiotherapy After a Stroke

Millions of people throughout the world suffer strokes each year and approximately 33 per cent of them require rehabilitation due to the resulting physical disability. At Fit Physiotherapy of Newmarket, our goal is to help stroke patients recover as many lost abilities as possible in a positive and upbeat setting.

Stroke rehabilitation in Newmarket Ontario

After you’ve suffered a stroke your muscles may need to be retrained so they can perform the same way they did before the incident. The muscles will need to learn how to function properly again since you may have difficulty performing everyday tasks such as walking and/or sitting. One of the best ways to rehabilitate after a stroke is through physical therapy as it helps the muscles to remember how to function together again as a cohesive unit. At Fit Physiotherapy we’ll focus on using and rehabilitating limbs which have been paralyzed or weakened by the stroke.

Our team of professional therapists will be able to evaluate and then treat any musculoskeletal deficits through early mobilization and physical exercises. It’s recommended that you’re up and moving around as quickly as possible following a stroke even if it’s just sitting. From here you’ll progress to other basic activities such as walking and getting in and out of bed.

Why Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy enables patients to use and strengthen their muscles via passive and active strengthening and motion exercises. Active exercises are performed on your own without assistance while a therapist will help you out with passive exercises. Our team of therapists will create a suitable exercise program for your unique case which will help regain and retain your muscle strength.

Physiotherapy typically works the best if a stroke patient begins it as early as possible and continues with it on a regular basis, which could be a few times per week. Your body’s muscles will steadily begin to remember their functions and will respond to the exercises while helping repair stroke-related damage.

The Recovery Period After a Stroke

Each person reacts and recovers differently from a stroke and because of this the time period for recovery is quite unpredictable. Factors that can affect the rehabilitation period include the level of damage the stroke had on your body and how many everyday motor skills were affected. Recovering from a stroke can take a lot of hard work, patience and dedication and at Fit Physiotherapy we make sure all our patients receive this. Some people may recover a lot quicker than others and along with the level of physical damage suffered this may also have something to do with their motivation level and willingness to learn.

How we can help

Effective physiotherapy treatment can help patients recover as well as possible and therapists are key members of your healthcare team. The rehabilitation program you receive will help you become as independent and mobile as possible since the treatment is tailored to an individual’s specific needs. A therapist will offer you a detailed assessment of your condition and will then construct a personal rehabilitation program for you. At Fit Physiotherapy we’ll be with you every step of the way to offer professional guidance and encouragement as you recover and rehabilitate from your stroke. There may be a lot of repetition involved since you will need to continuously practice the physical skills you recover, but this will help guard you against any further instances of stroke.

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