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Can Physiotherapy Help With Hip Pain?

Hip pain often affects your mobility and one of the best ways to regain it is to participate in a physical therapy program. This will also help relieve or eliminate the pain while increasing strength and motion and helping you return to your normal activities as soon as possible.

The hip is basically a ball and socket type of joint which consists of the pelvis and femur (thigh bone) The bones are supported by several ligaments and this helps stabilize the joint. In addition, the joint is allowed to move due to the muscles around the hip.

Causes of Hip Pain

As with most joints, there are several reasons why you may feel hip pain. Such as repetitive strain caused by physical activity or sports. Arthritis is also quite common in the hips because the joint bears a lot of weight. The hips are used for most daily activities such as running, walking, climbing the stairs, and sitting and standing etc. Since the hips are situated close to the lower back you may find it difficult to determine if the pain is originating from the hips or back.

Hip pain may be present in the front, back and side of the hip joint as well as the groin. If you feel pain in any of these areas for more than two weeks, it’s highly recommended that you seek professional medical help to determine the cause and have it treated.

Physiotherapy and Hip Pain

If you decide to visit a physiotherapist, they will be able to evaluate your condition and the diagnosis will help them create a proper management program. At FIT Physiotherapy our team of trained therapists will discuss your condition and medical history before physically examining your problem.

We will perform a gait evaluation to see if your walking, range of motion and mobility are being affected and determine where the pain is coming from. The strength of your hips and surrounding muscles will also be measured. In addition, your lower back me be tested to make sure your pain isn’t originating there.

Following the evaluation your therapist will be able to create a personalized treatment program for the affected area. Treatment may consist of heat and ice to help reduce any swelling, manual therapy as well as a physical program such as exercise to help regain mobility and strength. To help speed your recovery, many of the exercises and stretches will be able to be performed at home.

Our goal at FIT Physiotherapy Newmarket is to determine exactly why you’re suffering from hip pain, help eliminate and stop it from recurring. We want you to be able to perform your daily functions as quickly as you can without any pain or limited mobility. For a personal evaluation and rehabilitation advice please feel free to contact us at FIT Physiotherapy. We will be able to provide experienced assessment, prevention and treatment programs to help improve your condition as soon as possible.

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