Why Your Treatment For Back Pain Should Include Physiotherapy

Thousands of men and women across Canada suffer from back pain on a regular basis and aren’t sure how to get rid of it. In fact, back pain is one of the most-common causes for a visit to the doctor in North America. If you’re one of these people you may want to consider some physical therapy instead of taking overly-aggressive drugs for the pain.

Since 1999, many people have been taking diagnostic tests, being referred to specialty doctors, or taking narcotic drugs to help battle back pain. In comparison to these forms of common treatments, not as many people are using physical therapy as a solution to their back problem even though it’s recommended by the American College of Physicians. A recent study has shown that conservative treatments such as therapy have been successful in the majority of cases of back pain.

Why use physical therapy

According to the College of Physicians, physical therapy is a more beneficial way to treat back pain when compared to medicine alone. It’s known that physical therapists are able to help their patients relieve back pain without the use of injections, medications, or any type of surgical procedure. Physical therapists are also able to teach their patients how to prevent back pain in the future by engaging in certain types of exercise.

Temporary relief

Many physicians and therapists have found that the majority of back-pain sufferers are looking for a quick fix when it comes to their pain and discomfort and this is why they take medications. While taking a drug can usually relieve back pain, it’s basically just a temporary solution and the drug doesn’t address the origin and cause of the pain. Taking medication may often seem like the quickest and simplest solution, but there’s a good chance the pain will return when the effects of the drug have worn off.


Treatment plans

A good physical therapist will consider a patient’s entire body when they’re suffering from back pain instead of just focusing on their back. They will come up with a comprehensive treatment plan which will help to eliminate the pain and discover the roots of it. A therapist can evaluate a person and pinpoint the cause of the suffering. Many times the treatment will require patients to strengthening their lower back and abdominal muscles. This can typically be achieved by manual techniques, flexibility exercises, movement training, and/or. In many cases a combination of all these techniques will achieve the best results. Patients will also be educated on ways to avoid future back pain by being told what things they should and shouldn’t be doing.

If you’re suffering from annoying and relentless back pain and would like to eliminate it without the use of medications and surgery you should visit a licensed physical therapist for an evaluation of the problem. A therapist will present you with a list of treatment options and recommendations when it comes to solving the irritating problem.

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