There are different levels of lower back pain as it can range between just an uncomfortable twinge to a severe pain. It can be caused by several things, such as incorrectly picking up heavy objects, sitting too long in the same position, bad posture, and a sporting injury or jolt etc. Most types of lower back pain can be cured relatively quickly, especially with the help of physiotherapy. In technical terms, back pain is referred to as a musculoskeletal disorder. It often includes repetitive strain injury and neck pain. Physiotherapy for lower back injuries can be extremely effective and depending on their job, many patients are still able to go to work.

Lower Back Pain Treatment Newmarket

How Physiotherapy Helps Lower Back Injuries

It’s recommended that you visit a health professional as soon as possible when you’re suffering from lower back pain. Most cases aren’t too serious and the doctor will likely suggest you visit a physiotherapist. At FIT Physiotherapy we’ll be able to quickly assess your condition and design a unique program to help assist your needs. Our team will be able to help prevent the problem from occurring again as well as speeding up the recovery process. This can be achieved quickly and efficiently once we traced the root of your back problem.

Types of Treatments for Lower Back Injuries

Some of the most helpful and common types of physiotherapy for lower back injuries include acupuncture, ice/heat, electrical stimulation, and manual treatment. We will also give you advice on pain relief and the appropriate types of exercises for your specific condition. The exact types of treatments recommended will depend on your back pain and its cause. You can also help yourself in this situation by continuing as much as possible with your regular activities. The exercises you’ll be given will help reduce the pain and prevent it from making a return appearance. If lower back pain is simply ignored there’s a good chance it could return in the future. Our team of therapists may also suggest that you concentrate on your posture and perhaps engage some minor lifestyle changes.

How to Relieve Lower Back Pain

While you may not feel like engaging in any physical activities due to back pain, it’s actually important to keep active. Swimming and walking will help ease the problem and you should discuss types of pain-killing medication with your physician or physiotherapist. Try not to sit for long periods of time, especially in the same position, and you can also prevent back stiffness by gently stretching. If you do have to sit for any stretch of time, be sure that your posture is correct and the chair or seat is properly adjusted.

Also, when lifting heavy objects make sure your knees and hips are bent and you lift with the power in the legs. Another cause of back lower back pain could be your mattress, so it’s a good idea to make sure it offers you the proper support. Your body can recover more quickly from back pain if you don’t smoke, since your circulation is impaired by smoking. In addition, a healthy diet and lifestyle will help since obesity can also result in lower back pain.

At FIT Physiotherapy we’ll be able to pinpoint the cause of your lower back pain and come up with a suitable physiotherapy program to treat in and prevent it from happening again.