Fibromyalgia and the Chronic Disease Clinic Program

Fibromyalgia Treatment Clinic Newmarket Ontario

Fibromyalgia treatment often requires a team approach, with your doctor, a physical therapist, possibly other health professionals, and most importantly, yourself.

At the chronic disease clinic of Newmarket, we provide

  1. Exercise based treatment
  2. Soft tissue release administered by our athletic therapists
  3. Moist heat, TEN’s stimulation, Ultrasound therapy, and joint taping to manage the pain.

Treatment is fully covered by OHIP. Registrants can visit as often as they like.

If your family doctor suspects that you have fibromyalgia, ask them to write you a referral for The Pain Clinic or MD metabolic (both located in the York Medical Health Centre). From there, York Medical physicians will determine your eligibility for the Chronic Disease Clinic Program.


Chronic Disease Clinic



The Pain Clinic

905-853-0404 (Option 5)

M.D. Metabolic


  • Sports Injuries
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Work Related Injuries
  • Neck, Back & Joint Pain
  • Post Surgical Orthopaedic Conditions


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