Physiotherapy After a Motor Vehicle Accident

At FIT Physiotherapy Newmarket, we understand that the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident can be challenging from both a physical and emotional perspective. Our team of knowledgeable and sensitive professionals can minimize the pain and frustration of recuperation, and help get you back to your pre-accident physical condition.

One of the most common injuries caused by a motor vehicle accident is whiplash, which occurs when the head and neck are thrust suddenly forward and backward, injuring the muscles and ligaments. Research has shown that even motor vehicle accidents that take place at speeds of as little as 5 mph can still cause neck injury.

Other common injuries include:

• Fractures of extremities, trunk or spine

• Bruising resulting from impact with the steering wheel or airbags

• Sprains and strains of other body parts

The impact of the crash typically strains the soft tissues around the neck, shoulders, and back, causing inflammation and bleeding. After the accident, many patients experience dizziness and headaches, as well as pain or stiffness, particularly in the neck, back and jaw. Some patients experience these symptoms immediately following the crash, while in other cases, the symptoms do not appear until days later.


Seeking treatment as soon as possible is the best way to minimize your risk for long-term problems. At FIT Physiotherapy Newmarket, we can develop a treatment plan that will help you recover and get back to normal as soon as possible.

Your initial treatment may include:

• Cold therapy to manage pain, as well as control bleeding and inflammation in the muscles and around the joints

• Passive joint mobilization, which involves gentle, repetitive movements of the joints in and around the neck, can also provide pain relief

• Gentle stretching exercises, which can prevent stiffness or loss of mobility

As your acute symptoms resolve, we may also recommend strengthening and condition programs, as well as massage, acupuncture, TENS, or other treatment approaches based on your unique issues. A typical treatment program lasts between six to twelve weeks, but the exact length depends on the nature and severity of your injuries, as well as how you respond to treatment.

Beyond physiotherapy, it’s important to remain as active as possible following the accident and resume as much of your normal daily routine as you feel comfortable doing. If you have any doubts about what you should or shouldn’t be doing, we’re available to provide education and guidance.

To find out more about our advanced physiotherapy treatments for motor vehicle related injuries, you can call us at 905-235-5360 to speak to one of our physio professionals.